Server's problem

May 21th, 2017

Dear partners,

We always recognize our mistakes and talk about them here, we never hide anything from our partners.

The reason for yesterday's problems was the following:

1. Suddenly, the disk on one of the encoding servers crashed.
2. The encoding process is distributed among the rest of the encoding servers and the server work in extreme mode, barely managing with such the load.
3. Suddenly, video starts to download and play not from the cache servers or not from the storage server but DIRECTLY from the encoding servers (today, we know why).
4. Data Center support service was contacted with us and notified us that they are reducing the bandwidth on each of the encoding servers.

The whole Saturday, all team were trying to upgrade the amount of our storage and encoding servers in real-time, so downloads were temporary not working.

We apologize for this situation.

Dear partners, all failed downloads and views attempts were counted and will be EXTRA compensated at Monday!

We never deceived you - we always made compensations. Please relax a bit)
Thanks for your understanding.

We continue to work on the problem.

Eugene, Helen and Developers Team